About Silke Styles

About Silke Styles

Silke styles fashion stylist
Meet Silke
Silke is the founder of Silke Styles and an internationally certified Image and Colour Consultant.

After finalising her course in Germany at Corporate Color and London’s Style Coaching Institute she joined the S. Academy founded by Celebrity Stylist, Kelly Lundberg in Dubai.

Silke is a seasoned expat born in Germany, which she left at the age of two, and raised in Central America, she has lived all over the world, including the US, Brazil and Singapore.

Throughout her life journey she has experienced different cultures, climates and lifestyles and has acquired knowledge of dressing with style, comfort, class and for any age or occasion.

By packing up every three to four years, Silke knows how liberating a working wardrobe can be and how important it is to have essentials that you love to wear again and again.

Silke strongly believes in the power of colour and how the right shade and fabric can enhance your skin complexion and make you feel confident.  To her, right colour, perfect fit, and an outfit that shows off your personality are the ingredients for a unique personal style. And this is what she hopes to share with you.

“My styling experience with Silke was outstanding. She was able to use her colour and styling knowledge to put together outfits that were spot-on - it was me, but an even better version of me!”


Wardrobe Edit

This is the perfect session, if you want to gain clarity and make the most of your existing wardrobe by keeping the items that truly reflect your style personality and fit your body shape and colour. Embracing the Marie Kondo approach and  keeping only the items that spark joy.

Silke styles personal stylist

Personal shopping

You love shopping, but end up with too many wardrobe orphans? Hate shopping or don’t have the time for it? This is the ultimate solution for you.


Colour Consultations

“That colour looks really good on you“ or “ You look really good in that colour” are two very different compliments.  Our goal in this session is the second.

Body shape analysis & Style finder

This is the simple solution to find the right items to enhance your body shape, emphasising your best features.