Goshopia reflects on plastic pollution

Plastic pollution is a real issue nowadays. We wanted to create some strongvisuals to raise awareness about the situation. In the images on this article, youcan see the struggle, feel the asphyxia of Mother Earth. As a contrast allclothes and accessories are slow, sustainable, or socially responsible,symbolizing hope. You can find them all at Goshopia.com.

The makeup also has a meaning. Playing with Earth’s colors seen from thespace: Blue, green and sand. The blue shade on the eyes represent theOceans. It sits over a pale skin and flakey lips representing sea pollution andthe impact on coral reefs. The irregular green eye shadow with one eye with fullgreen and the other only half, represents the loss of biodiversity, of forest, oftrees, of natural habitats. The flaky lips and pale skin represent climate change,pollution, and desertification. The bubble wrap mask from our resident artistAleli Ditching will give you the idea of asphyxia.

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